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TPMS sensors

From November 1, 2014, every new car sold must be fitted by the manufacturer with a TPMS system. Both direct and indirect systems are allowed, provided they meet the requirements and conditions of the European directive ECE-R64. This guideline describes the functionality of the TPMS system whether a genuine or aftermarket sensor is used.

The TPMS is part of the vehicle type approval and is therefore a mandatory part of the vehicle. As a motorist, you should take this into account when purchasing other rims.

Why the right tyre pressure?

TPMS sensors ensure that tire problems are indicated to the driver. Common problems are a flat tire or incorrect tire pressure. The advantages of TPMS sensors are:

More driving safety

Because road holding is better with the correct tyre pressure.

Fuel consumption

When tyres are inflated, they use less fuel.

Better road contact

Proper tyre pressure ensures better contact with the road surface.

Less tyre wear

Tyres wear faster if they are not properly inflated.

Wide range

We have a wide range of brands in many different types.

The best prices

Due to large-scale purchasing, we use competitive prices.

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