Spare kits

A spare kit or homecomer is the perfect, compact alternative to a tyre repair kit. Thanks to a spare kit, motorists have the option of driving to the garage at a speed of 80 km/h.

Why buy a spare kit from Inter-Tyre?

Thanks to our extensive range, we have the suitable spare kit for every car brand. All our spare kits are from the IT Wheels brand, which is known for its excellent quality.

Best alternative

They are the ideal alternative to repair tools or reseve wheels.

Complete sets

Our set consists of a wheel, jack, wrench and gloves.

For every car

We have the right spare kit available for every car.

Fast delivery

Order today and receive tomorrow in the Netherlands or Belgium.

Wide range

We have the right spare kit available for every tyre size.

The best prices

Due to large-scale purchasing, we use competitive prices.

TPMS sensors

The reliable tool that measures tyre pressure.

Spare kits - RIM wholesaler Inter-Tyre

Spare kits

A spare kit or home sump is the perfect solution when motorists have a flat tyre. Thanks to our complete set, this is done in no time. One set includes a narrow gauge steel wheel, jack, wheel wrench, gloves and a cover with handle for easy and clean storage.

Our complete range of spare kits is from the brand It Wheels. Did you know that 90% of new cars no longer have a spare wheel? A spare kit is the best and compact alternative to a spare wheel and is a fuller alternative than a repair kit.

In Spain, Turkey and Serbia it is mandatory to have a spare kit in the car.

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