We are proud to announce we have added the wheels of the URBAN Automotive brand to our range!

URBAN is a British automotive company that specializes in styling and customizing exclusive cars, such as Land Rover, Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Porsche. They also develop wheels in cooperation with the wheel brand “VOSSEN”. They have also set up their own range of their own developed and designed wheels. URBAN has the entire stock and range under their own management.

Besides wheels, URBAN Automotive also specializes in developing and realizing custom-made interiors. Furthermore, Urban supplies and installs their own designed bodykits and exterior parts called “URBANWorks”. Finally, URBAN has set up a special product-line for Lamborghini. This product-line consists of wheels, bodykits and carbonfiber exterior parts, this line-up is called “URBAN-Nero”.

The luxurious designs of the URBAN wheels, combined with the high quality and excellent finishing guarantee an end-product of the highest quality possible! URBAN’s wheels will be available in a variety of rim-sizes. Starting at a rim-size of 19 inches, and up to a maximum rim-size of 24 inches.

Do you want to make your customer’s exclusive car stand out even more than it already does? URBAN wheels will make all the difference!