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Small material

Our complete range of small equipment is available in various brands and sizes and you can easily order it with your order. All our small material is available in small numbers and we have plenty of stock.

Our range of small equipment includes TPMS sensors and TPMS tools, tyre grease, rim cleaner, lock bolts, tyre weights and valves.

Are you looking for small material but can’t find it in our webshop? Please contact one of our salespeople and they will contact you at any time!

Why small material?

When mounting wheels, more is needed than just a tyre and a rim. That is why we have a wide range of small equipment in stock and immediately available. Our range includes:

Tyre grease

Ideal for easy mounting or dismounting of tyres.

Balanced weight

All lead can be ordered in the desired sizes and quantities.

Wheel bolts and nuts

The best quality for mounting wheels to the car.

Lock bolts

Well priced, good quality and available in commonly used sizes.

Centering rings

For vibration-free mounting of wheels on the car.


Valves can be ordered in the desired sizes and quantities.

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